About Elizabeth

I have been drawing and painting most of my life and can usually be found with a brush or pen in hand. I graduated from University of Louisville with a BA in Art History and have always been drawn to the classical style of works such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio along with many of the old masters, while also loving the spirit and dialogue created by artists such as Van Gogh, Edward Hopper,  John Singer Sargent, and Vilhelm Hammershoi to name a few out of so many I admire.

Having studied the classical atelier method I consider myself a representational painter mixing expressionistic and somewhat imagined ideas together. I spend most of my time painting both in the studio and outdoors En plein air. I love nothing more than painting from life and the challenges of mixing real and imagined ideas to portray internal and external emotions.

Painting for me is all about the emotion I get from a subject and can give back to the viewer in a way that draws you in for a momentary experience and take you on a journey. 

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